The Botanica Story

Meet Bryan McRae

Bryan McRae, owner of Botanica, has been in the preserved flower industry for the past 25 years. Botanica's home base is Charlotte, NC with show rooms in High Point, NC and Atlanta, GA. Botanica uses the most exquisite, preserved foliages and flowers available. Botanica's work can be found in some of the most prestigious residential and commercial interiors throughout the world. You will be mesmerized by the designs, the colors, and the extraordinary experience when you visit Botanica.

Meet Botanica

Bryan started Botanica in 1992 in Charlotte, North Carolina. His goal was to meld his design skills with the fabulous potential of real preserved flowers and bring this niche industry to the global market. Botanica continues to be a success story and a trend setter.

Anyone who sees preserved flowers for the first time is astonished! They are real flowers, harvested at their peak and transformed into supple, natural looking, long lasting, and gorgeous specimens. Moisture in the plant is replaced with glycerin, a natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly substance. In some cases, natural dyes are used to enhance appearance. The result is a flower with a fresh, natural, organic look and feel, and excellent longevity. This product is far superior to the traditional manufactured artificial flowers.

Bryan has spent years sourcing the finest preserved botanicals. Keep in mind that these are a once-a-year crop. Many demand different growing conditions. All are processed immediately where they are cultivated. So one arrangement can include plant material from a number of different countries. Care of preserved botanicals is easy. Avoid placing an arrangement in direct sunlight or in an area of high humidity. Dust occasionally with a gentle sweep from a can of compressed air. Your preserved arrangement will last for years!

Bryan McRae’s company, Botanica, operates from a workshop and showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina, but his business has expanded to showrooms in High Point, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. Botanica also boasts an extensive website. Bryan’s work can be found in prestigious commercial and residential interiors around the globe.

Meet Botanica Home

Bryan’s creativity and boundless energy fostered a new business in 2017. He purchased a small interiors company that focused on designer pillows. Botanica Home has tripled in size and scope. Bryan is especially drawn to the colors and textures of fabric and to the infinite possibilities of a pair of pillows. He specializes in well-recognized designer fabrics in on trend colors and styles. It’s amazing what a difference a gorgeous pair of pillows can make in any room. The Botanica Home website showcases his distinctive selection.

Bryan’s passion for his work is obvious in every detail of his products. Exquisite preserved florals and choice of containers make his arrangements glow in any context. Precisely crafted pillows in a range of gorgeous fabrics continue to add a designer look to any interior. Bryan McRae has lived his dream for 25 years and shares it with you.